Cu Chi tunnels excursion

Cu Chi tunnels excursionUpon arrival at the destination, visitors should take a briefing and watch the documentary film before proceeding with visiting walk. Add the tip that the tactical and strategic importance of Cu Chi tunnel system was terrific.

The National Liberation Frontier in the south – the anti Saigon regime armed forces – could proudly say they were very close to capital of Saigon within a distance of 35 km as the crows fly. And, every military move from Saigon to Tay Ninh and Cambodia could be watched by Cu Chi guerillas and thus, the alarm would be sent in time to the frontier’s leaders.

Next, an American tank is a good group photo stop but if you wonder why delay mine was used to knock down it, refer to this. At that time, all American tanks were equipped with a simple device which would ignite any possible mine ahead. The guerillas were smart enough to “invent” the delay mine with ten to fifteen seconds delayed after being ignited. It would go off certainly while the tank was running over.

The most interesting moment is the duck’s walk for 30 – 40 meters underground. Remember to have one photo shot when stepping up from underground and do not miss another one with the local guide in guerrilla uniform who just guided you through.

A good way to end up your visit to Cu Chi is a stop at Ben Nay Restaurant for lunch and a view of the peaceful countryside. The other option is to take a canoe ride from Ben Duoc site down along Saigon river back to downtown.

Many more photos you will certainly take and unintentionally, you are showing, with war memory left behind, a country at peace and a society with dynamic people.

Source: SGGP