Cu Chi tunnels have more for you

Not only discovering the underground mystery while coming to Cu Chi, you can also visit the lake emulated the East Vietnam sea and join in the amusement activities. To be born in peace and only know the war in books, there’s no reason to have a day in the steel land of Cu Chi to know more about history. About 70km from center Ho Chi Minh city, you have many choices to get to Cu Chi: car, bus, or even canoe from city center.

Cu Chi tunnels have more for youThe entrance fee is 80,000 VND ($4) for foreigners. The tribute temple of soldiers in the war appears in the entrance before you reach Duoc harbor, a peaceful well-aired area inside.

After the Duoc area, you need to buy another entrance ticket to the tunnels (90,000VND or $4.5). This is the favorite parts of all visitors with the small models of Cu Chi tunnels in the whole.

The system of 200km tunnels are opened in some parts. They are opened and lighted up to let visitors come inside. You will crawling along the tunnels with the stuffy air. But they are the memorable experiences.

The whole underground city appears with the living rooms, the kitchen, the meeting rooms, etc. The war feeling is more clear when you have a chance to taste the cassava and sea-same right in the tunnels.

Only some minutes crawling and creeping through the small tunnels, you will know about history of Vietnam’s soldiers. Coming back to the ground, you will feel the happy of back to the light and air.

It is best to water your face and blown by dry air. The end of the tunnels have some small stalls with corn, water melon, coconut milks, etc. You will continue to see the museum of handmade weapon, the Hoang Cam kitchen, which are no less interesting than the area inside tunnels. Watching the traps by your own eyes, some may feel having goose-flesh.

Not only a trip back to the history, you can also enjoy modern amusement activities in here. It is interesting to hire a kayak or a swan boat to visit the area of “East sea”, to visit the islands like “Bach Long Vi”, “Hoang Sa”, “Truong Sa”, “Phu Quoc”, etc. All the areas are properly arranged to create a beautiful land.

If you like to reduce stress, there is nothing more interesting than swimming in the pool or joining in a painting war.

A day in Cu Chi is more than you think.