Cu Chi tunnels: Memories and times’ remark

About 70 km from North West of Ho Chi Minh city, Cu Chi tunnels is the firm base of Saigon – Gia Dinh High Command. This is the strong tool for the long-term resistance of Vietnam.

Cu Chi tunnels: Memories and times’ remarkComing to Cu Chi, visitors will see the systems of tunnels with resounding feat of arms. This is the unique work with the system of underground tunnels with many floors and corners like a spider net of more than 200km. It has the place to eat, to have meeting, and to fight. The system express the unyielding and intelligence of Vietnamese people and Cu Chi people in particular.

Apart of visiting the works that retrace the clear zone of Cu Chi in 1960 – 1975, the former sight of Cu Chi village before the war, the devastated sight of war to the village, the model of “strategic group” which was used by America to control the people, etc, visitors will see the honor temple of Duoc harbor martyrs. This is the project to welcome 20 years of liberation.

You will also have a chance of visiting the temple ground with the theme “Unyielding Saigon – Cholon people.”; visit the project of rare woods collected from all over Vietnam with typical symbols like: “One pillar pagoda (Hanoi), Southern gate (Hue), Nha Rong harbor (Ho Chi Minh city).

Visitors can also enjoy the pure fresh air and shopping in the areas of local specialties.

Cu Chi tunnels are interesting destinations to visit and review the tradition, and that is the ideal outdoors activities and camping site for students and groups.