Cu Chi tunnels: Yesterday and Now

Base on the tunnels, partners and fighting trench of Cu Chi, people and soldiers of Cu Chi districts made extraordinary feat of arms and exploits. American soldiers had to name Cu Chi “Dangerous secret area”.

Cu Chi tunnels: Yesterday and NowForming in the French war with the local people’s contribution, until being recognized and destroyed by American soldiers, there have been still hundreds of km of tunnels. From this area, people and soldiers organized hundreds of battle fields to beat 20,000 enemies, 5,000 tanks, 250 aero planes and tens of boat. This is one the places that earns most of the human and material resources, then attacked to the central of Saigon in Mau Than New Year 1968.

Many foreigners do not believe in the statistics of Cu Chi tunnels. For them, 200km of underground tunnels with systems of hospitals, schools, kitchens, etc with thousands of people living inside are impossible. Only until crawling in the tunnels themselves do they clear the doubts and gain the admiration for Vietnamese.

Jimmy Craig, American visitor, has to burst: “Before coming to Vietnam, I have known about Cu Chi tunnels, however, I can still not believe that how can you build and keep exist in these tunnels. Even I saw it myself, I still think it is too small to live in.”

After the war, from a dead area with tens of thousands of bomb and mine and dotted lands of landmine, people of Cu Chi have improved the land together. The landmines are replaced with the green paddy fields, schools, factories, etc. All are still there with steel mind of Cu Chi. The determination for beating enemies turns into the determination to build up the countries.

The former underground tunnels became a giant vestige with big museum. Together with the handicraft village of “a glimpse of Vietnam” with more than 20 kinds of traditional handicraft, all creates a connecting tourism area to attract hundreds of thousands of visitors each year.