Father of Cu Chi tunnels

Father of Cu Chi tunnelsFather of Cu Chi is a pure farmer, named Nguyen Van Bo. To mark the fact, Mr. Le Van Dao – former colonel who joined in digging the tunnels in the long time, said: “The tunnels were formed in the French war but it was very primitive. It was created by Mr. Nguyen Van Bo, a pure farmer. The first purpose of Mr. Sau Bo is to make the dug-out for local people to avoid bullet and bomb.”

Realizing this is a good way, people do like him to avoid death. “That time, the whole village did like Mr. Sau Bo. In the first moment, the tunnels were quite effective though it was simple. They were even spoiled and not convenient. “

According to Mr. Dao, the tunnels were often made in the nulgar bamboo with 1.2m wide and 2m long. The tunnel cover is made from wood, which makes it easy to ruin. Then, when the Party launched the program to dig tunnels, until 1961, the similar simple tunnels like Nguyen Van Bo’s were detected.
Mr. Le Van Dao remember: “After 1961, people knew more about tunnels. Especially the battle of Ke Doi forest in Phu Hiep village, Phu My Hung ward, Cu Chi tunnels. In this battle field, the number of dead and caught are huge, then there were a campaign of making tunnels. It was Mr. Sau Bo who was the one to guide people. At first, we did not make it because making the wrong choice of soil. Then we gained experiences and new technologies. The thing is most of the techniques are invented by the people who dug but no one were trained.”

Accordingly, when digging the tunnels, the tunnels covers will 6m apart. “The covers were under the tree roof, so it is easy to be rotten. The covers now are built, then the water an wind cannot come in. In the empty area, the tunnels are made 10 m apart. The covers are embanked with rich soil and plant trees and weeds. The narrow tunnels are 5m deep, etc.”  remembered Mr. Dao.