Vietnam’s travel impression 2013

Vietnam’s travel impression 2013Though Vietnam’s economics still meets difficulties in general, there is still growth in tourism in 2013. Below is impressions about Vietnam’s tourism in the experts’ and foreign visitors’ evaluation.

1. Vietnam ranks second in Asia in world’s tourism development: This is the result of the global poll research which is just announced in Tourism Fare in London.

2. Cu Chi tunnels is one of the twelve underground tourism destinations in the world. The underground defense system of Cu Chi is in the list voted by CNN paper.

3. Hanoi is in top ten rising destinations in the world: In the list of 10 rising destinations in the world voted by TripAdvisor, Hanoi ranks eighth.

4. Mai Chau, Hoa Binh: is in top ten most interesting experience destinations in the world. This is the list voted by Business Insider.

5. Halong Bay is in top ten most beautiful coast land in the world: Hufflington Post online newspaper in America has voted 10 most beautiful coast land in the world. Vietnam with Halong bay is also in the list.

6. Hoi An ancient town in top 10 tourism city in Asia. The town is holding no 2 in the list voted by Conde Nast traveler magazine (America).